Jamberry Nails are my New Passion!!!

I started as an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails in late March, 2014.

It has been quite a lot of fun. I’ve met new people who are inspiring in the direct selling area. And, I’ve had fabulous nails since I got my first sheet.

See what I mean.  First trial nails on my left hand.

IMG_0632 IMG_0635

My first Jamicure was Punchy Puff. I love this one.


My second one was Henna Moon. It was really cute.


Galactic and Holographic paired together for a week.


My Easter Jamiecure. Peek a Boo Bunny and Eggs. Aren’t they cute?


A Cup of Tea is one of my dressy favorites. It is a cute one, too.

IMG_0444 IMG_0680

I thought I would love Deep Sea, but the yellow wasn’t too cute.


I tried the Sister’s Exclusive Flutter By. A little too orange for my taste.


I wore Nautical for our party at White Rock Boat Club. I love this one!


And, now, I have on Minty Fern with Golden Glimmer. This one is really nice. I love the dressy-ness of it.



I’ll post my next picture, soon. It is time for a change. And, I love to change my nails.

If you would like to see the catalog, visit facebook page Grammy’s Jammies. There are videos, a sample request form, and lots of information about Jamberry and the business. ❤


3 thoughts on “Jamberry Nails are my New Passion!!!

    • It would not be possible for Kimberly to get credit for your sale is she doesn’t have an active party. You may want to encourage her to have a party. Or, you could host a facebook party and invite all your friends. You would receive the credit.

      If you are interested in Jamberry, you can always shop on the site at

      I would love to Jam-You-Up.

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