Black Cats and Friday the 13th

I’ve always been a afraid of things that go bump in the night. Like the dark. I’ve never grown accustomed to the dark.

There are things I like about the night such as the stars and the way street lights shine on the empty streets. And, just sitting in the quiet, listening to the bugs and other animals stirring.

The dark has always been not so nice to me. There has always been something lurking in my closet, just as I’m about to hop in my bed. Something there, waiting to ‘get’ me. If I don’t look to see it, just in that instant, it will get me. I’ve never conquered that feeling.

And, why do we have to be afraid of black cats and Friday the 13th. That just add another level onto my awareness of being afraid. And, I’m a cat person. So, when I see a black one is always check out closely to see if it has something evil lurking in its eyes.

Who tagged Friday the 13th as the day we have to be so cautious? He’s probably the one who created high heals and stockings. He needs to be taken out, Rambo style. There isn’t anything bothersome about a Friday. It is the last work day of the week. It is the beginning of the weekend.

So, NO, I won’t be watching the scary movie marathon, tonight. I don’t want to see killer dolls, masked men with knives, or clowns terrorizing the circus. I just can’t see that much scariness. I even clover my eyes when a commercial comes on advertising another scary movie, “. . .opening in a theatre near you.”

Today, I’m going to pet a black cat, if I see one. And, I’m going to act like it is Friday the 14th. That way I will have survived another scary day.


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