The Journey and the Destination

I often hear that saying about the destination not being the important part. That it is the journey that gets to the destination that is what counts.

I agree, the journey can be quite awesome. Like when you are working your way through a old city, looking at the architecture, the bistros, the people sipping their tiny cups of coffee, and all the smells coming from the restaurants.

It is the journey in the kayak, up the river to see what you can see. There are plenty of turtles to see if you can slow down enough to not scare them away. And, the birds will hang in the trees long enough for you to pass under them, if you are quiet enough. So, when I kayak up the river from White Rock Lake, it is the journey I enjoy.

Then, again, it could be the destination that is my goal. The journey to get there might be a grueling three-day car ride. I don’t love riding in a car at 70 miles per hour for days. I just don’t enjoy that part. That is the journey that I’m not enjoying. The rest stops and junk food seem to be there same, mile after mile. The restrooms are the only places in which to wash my hands during the car ride. And, then, there is another bedroom for the night. Packing and unpacking. I don’t love that part of the journey. Especially, when I’m excited about the destination.

Going to the Grand Canyon has been a desired destination for some years, now. I want to see it with my own eyes. To take it all into my memory. To soak it into my soul. I have a deep desire to go to the Grand Canyon.

The journey to get there doesn’t sound too pleasant. Riding in a car, staying in hotels, eating junk food, doesn’t sound to enticing to me. Walking in the woods, near cliffs, and smelling fresh air sound really nourishing to me.

So, there are times when destination is the goal; the journey is just the means to the goal.

I agree, in life, the journey is the more important part and not the destination. Because, in life, the destination is death. The End.


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