Write up on Jamberry Nails

Here are great examples of the sample cards for this season. Enjoy!

Adventures with the Liston Family

Recently there was an incredible spike in my sample requests.  

Fall Samples on Hands

I wasn’t sure what was going on so I emailed most of the people who requested samples and one of the first to respond let me know that my link had been shared on a freebie website!  I didn’t even know such a thing existed!  While I don’t really expect a lot of business from it, I did like the write up they did with my link:

From Babybamplus:

There is a hot new buzz word in the nail industry. Like many others, you may be asking yourself what, exactly, are nail wraps? It seems like they are suddenly everywhere. They’re featured in magazines, on television shows, on runways, and are being sold in some form in every big box and beauty store across the country. But what are they, and are all of them created equal?

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EEK!!! The January Stylebox by Jamberry Has a Lipstick

Jamberry StyleBox for February. Wonderful!

Adventures with the Liston Family

Okay, I always knew Jamberry’s Stylebox was going to be a game changer.  We’ve seen some hints of it before – October with the decals, December with the polish but Jamberry – 2 Exclusive Wraps and a Lipstick that are to DIE FOR!!! EEEKKKKKK, so excited to get mine!!

It is not too late to get yours.  Head right over to my website and order your Stylebox today to make sure you get it in the second shipment going out on the 20th of January!!!  Don’t wait!!  I will send a free gift with the purchase of any Stylebox during January!

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Olden Daze

Getting older is kinda creepy. It is like the final days are creeping up on me. I feel there is so much to say. And, so much to pass on to my family. It is creeping me out.

My body is really starting to sag. And, my stamina is not very great, these days. There are so many activities I imagine doing in a day. When I lay down at night, and look over my day, I realize I have not done much that I intended. I blame my sagging old body.

The memories I have lodged in my head need to be documented. Or, at least, logged on paper. Then, they would not be floating in my head, day after day.

When, I relay a memory, I catch myself looking into the faces of, “What is she talking about, now?” That is creepy to think people aren’t interested in my memories. I’ll work on my timing. Or, just write them down. That way, the memories won’t be lodged in my head.

My advice to you. . .don’t get old. You will end up in the Olden Daze. 🙂